6 Bible Accessories You Should Have
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6 Bible Accessories You Should Have

  • 08 Sep 22


God chose to reveal Himself to His people through His Word. Hence, a Bible makes a meaningful gift for people of faith. A Bible is a personal item and people invest so much time to study it. Hence, it needs to be protected to prevent signs of wear and tear caused by regular use. A Bible cover makes an essential accessory to safeguard the Bible from external elements like water, heat, and debris and extend its lifespan for continuous studying. In addition, other Bible accessories are also essential to make Bible studies more interactive. Below is a list of Bible accessories that you can consider for yourself or as a gift to a friend or family member.

Book Lights

Bible studies can go on until late into the night. If you do not wish to disturb your family members who have already gone to bed while you continue your Bible studies, get a book light. It can easily be attached onto your Bible and provide some illumination that instantly brightens up the area around your Bible. There is an adjustable clip that can easily be clipped onto your Bible pages. This allows you to study your Bible with enough lighting without causing a glare to other people in the room.


There are specially-designed highlighters that are suitable for use on the delicate pages of Bibles. Their ink will not bleed through each page and cause a mess on the other pages. Highlighters are essential if you wish to make some markings on the different verses for future reference. They are available in a series of colors so you can distinguish your individual markings on each Bible page.

Magnifying Sheets

If you have trouble reading the small prints on your Bible, there are many large-print Bibles available in stores. Alternatively, you can make use of magnifying sheets that will enlarge the writings so you can see them much more clearly. Ensuring that you can read clearly will also help to prevent you from feeling dizzy as you strain your eyes when trying to make out the tiny prints.

Bible Tabs

Another essential Bible accessory to have apart from highlighters is a set of Bible tabs. These tabs will make it so much easier for you to make your own markings on certain verses for future reference. They come with self-adhesive tabs that are pre-cut so you just need to remove each little tab and paste it onto the sections that you need to mark out. There are also different colors of Bible tabs available to help you distinguish the different sections.

Journaling Supplies

If you have always had a passion for journaling, there are various journaling supplies that will help you effortlessly mark and take notes in the different sections of your Bible. From pencils to colored tapes to stickers, there are so many items for you to enjoy in a journaling kit.

Study Supplies

You need a wide variety of stationeries to follow through your Bible studies. You can keep them well-organized in a study supplies kit that enables you to easily access your notepad, pens, and others all in one place.



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